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The FSC forest management approach

Responsible forest management is at the heart of the FSC approach. But gaining FSC certification means taking care of more than just trees. FSC recognizes that forests include the people and communities who depend on them for their livelihoods, and that forests provide important natural resources crucial to the global economy.

Environmentally appropriate

zoom© Kathryn BakkenRead about how FSC certification brings better wildlife management in Choose FSC certified wood and paper, discover the benefits for your business. (© Kathryn Bakken)The FSC label ensures that certified forests are responsibly managed. This not only prevents deforestation and illegal logging, but it also ensures protection for forest animals, watercourses and vegetation. Sustainable forest management also helps reduce the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere, as trees absorb CO₂ and store carbon.

Socially beneficial

zoom© Miriam DalsgaardCarlos Peralta lives in Honduras and earns a living as a woodcutter. In 1997 his forest group decided to concentrate our their efforts on getting FSC certification. Read his story in the report. (© Miriam Dalsgaard)FSC offers tools for local and indigenous people to benefit from forestry operations, and ensures that their rights and interests are protected. FSC also requires decent working conditions for all people working in certified forests.

Economically viable

zoom© FSC DenmarkExamples of recognition numbers based on prompted awareness, 2009 - 2011. More rates can be found in this section of the report. (© FSC Denmark)As awareness of deforestation and its impacts grows, the demand for FSC certified products steadily increases. FSC certified materials help retain clients while attracting new ones, meaning that producers, traders, manufacturers and retailers all benefit. Sourcing from responsibly managed forests also helps ensure long-term access to natural resources that are becoming increasingly scarce as the world’s population expands.