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Preview of 4 chapters:
Explore the benefits of FSC in different sectors

Construction: Sustainable building with FSC certified wood

zoom© Kebony ASAKrageø Spa and Resort, Kragerø, Norway (© Kebony ASA)
Krageø Spa and Resort, Kragerø, Norway

New legislation aimed at eradicating illegal timber on the market, sustainable public procurement policies and green building programs are among the market drivers influencing the demand for FSC certified products in the construction sector.

In this chapter you can read about the advantages associated with using FSC certified wood in construction projects.

Retail: From forest to shelf with FSC

zoom© Coop GenossenschaftThe building supplies store “Coop Building + Hobby” (© Coop Genossenschaft)
The building supplies store “Coop Building + Hobby”

The green consumer goods market is growing fast. Increasingly consumers and employees expect companies to develop sustainability programs and be transparent about their supply chains.

This part of the report shows how new market developments are influencing the uptake of FSC certified products in the retail sector. 

Packaging: Moving towards responsible packaging with FSC

zoom© gpointstudio. (© gpointstudio)

A large proportion of packaging, including paper, board, card, sacking, and other fibrous material, is ultimately derived from forest products. Paper-based packaging is often more environmentally friendly than other available alternatives. 

This section elaborates on the advantages of working with FSC certified materials in the packaging industry.

Paper and Publishing: Source sustainably with FSC

zoom© Forest Stewardship Council A.C.. (© Forest Stewardship Council A.C.)

Both the paper and publishing industries rely on thriving forests to meet demand. Working with FSC certified paper means allowing companies and consumers an environmentally and socially responsible option to satisfy their needs for paper.

In this part of the report you can read about the benefits of choosing FSC certified pulp and paper.